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North America Closers

Our trusted team of experts have collectively closed transactions in over 30 industries and are among the industry’s leading dealmaking professionals. Their breadth of experience across the full spectrum of M&A reflects our client-centric culture and commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes.

Ken Bernstein

Ken Bernstein's Bio

Ken Bernstein

Consultor Sênior de Fusões e Aquisições - Denver

Colin Conte's Bio

Colin Conte

Associate Closer

Elias B Klaich's Bio

Elias B Klaich

Managing Director

Mike Muzzy

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Mike Muzzy

Consultor Sênior de Fusões e Aquisições - New York

Darshan Rathod

Darshan Rathod's Bio

Darshan Rathod

Consultor Sênior de Fusões e Aquisições