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Woodbridge Closes Sale of Enviro Water Systems to Trivest Partners

June 5, 2013

Woodbridge International is pleased to announce the acquisition of its client Enviro Water Solutions LLC (d/b/a/ Pelican Water Systems) by Trivest Partners.

Pelican is a leading designer and marketer of a complete line of branded water purification products for the residential market. Pelican represents the 13th platform company investment in Trivest Fund IV, a $325 million fund based in Miami, Florida, dedicated to investing in founder/family owned businesses. Pelican is a platform acquisition for Trivest and is its second acquisition of a Woodbridge client.

Based in Deland, Florida, Pelican started operations in a garage and quickly tapped into consumers’ growing awareness of the importance of water purity for health and wellness. Pelican’s unique designs, functionality, user friendly products and industry leading technology have produced one patent with three patents pending.

Troy Templeton, Trivest’s Managing Partner, stated in the firm’s recent announcement of the deal, “We are pleased that Pelican’s founders chose Trivest as the best steward to lead the Company to the next level.”